Product review: Eat Smart Products Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Te

Want to share some feedback on a new scale I tried out and LOVED.. . 🔸Eat Smart Products Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology . This scale does a little bit of everything... Not only does it measure weight but it measures bodyfat, muscle mass total body water and bone density! This scale runs $39.95 on amazon so its extremely reasonable for all the awesome stuff it does! . I was very pleased with how accurate this scale

was and I actually I tested it several times. Using myself the kids and my husband. Just an FYI this baby keeps the data of up to 8 people... thank you ! :) I had a bit of challenge with set up initally... but after sitting down reading the instructions it worked very well!! So if you're interested it a scale that does a little bit of everything at a great price, try it out for yourself! (*Scale received free for honest feedback on the product.)

Here is the link to order on Amazon:

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