Life Lessons

My Life Lessons

As I become a year older I finally realize that I am becoming more self aware and my eyes are finally open. Now at 42, I have found my voice that allowed me to realize the following:

  • Who I really am,

  • What I want in life,

  • What I will and will not allow,

  • How I deserve to be treated and

  • Who/what is really important to me

Now at 42, I realize that this voice was always there but perhaps I chose not to really listen and I fought against what this voice was telling me.

I have allowed things that I know were not worthy of me accepting!

I realized I will never allow these old habits or people to slowly creep back into my life.

Interestingly…these experiences were not totally in vain.

I believe EVERYTHING we experience in life happens for a reason a lesson!

We can either chose to learn from it or these mistakes will continue to repeat themselves.

It is our choice! Learn, correct it or suck it up and deal with it the decisions you have chosen to repeat themselves!

Whatever reasons these things happened, I have come to understand that these things have helped me learn a lot about myself that I didn’t realize before:

  • What are my likes and my dislikes,

  • What I will not accept from myself or others,

  • What I will not allow to take place ever again

  • Who are my real friends and who are associates and what is purely business!

This year I learned that everything in life is not all sugar and candy, flowers and roses, applesauce and jellybeans.

  • Most importantly I learned that not everyone you care about is going to care about you.

  • NOT everyone is your friend and people are going to smile in your face while secretly wanting you to fail.

  • I can finally, truly define how I want my Friendships to be!

My Friends are those who will be there for me through the storm and they will hold your hand when times are hard life not only when everything is good... because life isn’t always going to sunshine and rainbows!! They will call me just because, and I will do my best to reciprocate this to my friends.

I FINALLY identify and understand that: I have to realize my potential, I understand that I don’t need to be validated and no one else needs to understand my why, nor do they need to comprehend or realize it, only me because…only I authenticate me.I should never expect ANYTHING from ANYONE except myself or I set myself up for disappointment. My self worth and my beauty inside and out.

The current person that I am FINALLY understands that I am a beautiful, amazing, creative, fabulous, and a truly intelligent person that has so much to offer the people that belong in my life.

I NO need to longer make New Year’s resolutions but I will affirm that in my current future I will:

  • Stop fighting the voice that enlightens me and reminds me that I am valuable, and

  • That there are people around me that haven’t earned the right to take up space in my life and I will identify them and remove them from my life.

  • I will treat myself like the sacred temple that I am.

Like a castle a wall must be built to keep out the enemies, those that wish to cause harm and those that don’t belong.

If I don’t protect me, my heart and mind no one else will. My wall is being built and only those who belong there will be allowed to penetrate these walls.

I am understand myself and I am/will practice embracing me.

These are my life lessons, better learned late than NEVER! What are your life lessons?

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