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Did DHW invent the diets or exercises that are assigned?

No, why reinvent the wheel? DHW does the research and supplies you the information that we feel will best assist you to meet your health, lifestyle and fitness goals.


Could I do this myself without your help?

Yes, you can. However, you must think about this fact: If you had met your goals already by yourself,  you would not be contacting us or seeking our services.


We understand that making health and lifestyle changes can be difficult in the beginning. DHW is here to provide you with the guidance, push you and hold you accountable.


Does everyone receive the same diets?

Every "body" is different and each "body" has different needs! We take a lot into account before diets/lifestyle change plans are provided to our clients. We review: Lifestyle, Bio-individuality (needs of each individual), exercise and the individual goals of our clients are all taken into account.


What is expected of each client?

DHW puts a lot into each client; in order for each individual to be successful, we expect 150% full compliance from each client in order to be successful.


How do I get started and how will you learn my goals?

Each client will have a 1 on 1 assessment with a DHW Nutrition & Fitness Staff Member where we discuss your goals. Through this assessment, we determine the best package for you. Once you have chosen your package, DHW will then email an assessment and intake form for you to complete.  Plans are then created after a complete review of all the info received from each client. 


How much do you charge for ONLY personal Training? 

DHW does not offer ONLY personal training. Personal training is offered as an added component with our other services.  DHW teaches and educates client how to make lifestyle changes that they can use after they are no longer with DHW. Personal Training is important but is only a portion of making a successful lifestyle change


I have more questions how can I reach DHW with any additional questions?

Contact us via the contact us tab or email us at: 

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