DHW's Coaching process aims to improve our clients nutrition & relationship with food, we assists clients to meet their personal goals, change their unhealthy habits to new healthier habits and assist client in creating a new healthy, confident mindset. 


Our hands on coaching program is designed to give long term results & provides our clients the right tools, support and guidance to help our clients achieve their highest potential!


We offer 3 different coaching options for you to choose from.

Please Note: Before purchasing ALL Plans are NON Refundable - NO EXCEPTIONS

5 Week



Y-Movement Online Group Fitness w/Nutrition Program

+ 1x Weekly Coaching Session


Program Includes  

  • Initial Consultation to discuss goals

  • Weekly coaching conducted via phone or Zoom.

  • Meal Plan & Exercise Plan & Grocery List 

  • Unlimited messaging through DHW App

  • Complete Evaluation of progress upon completion of the program.

  • Access to Private Y-Movement Fitness Accountability Group

Note: All Plans are NON Refundable

5 week Program 

**Subject to monthly start date

4 Week



4 week Online Individualized Nutrition & Health Coaching w/1x weekly Coaching Sessions 

Program Includes: 

  • Weekly Behavioral/Mindset change coaching to assist facilitate permanent, sustainable healthy behavior change conducted via phone or Zoom.

  • Initial Consultation to discuss goals

  • Personalized Meal Plan & Grocery List Personalized To Your Goals.

  • Bi Weekly Progress Weigh in and Measurement to follow up to review progress.

  • Meal Plan adjustments or made as needed.

  • Complete Evaluation of progress upon completion of the program.

  • Access to Private DHW Fitness Accountability Group.

  • **Note this program does not include any fitness program unless client adds (will be an additional cost)  

  • **Customized fitness program may be added for an additional cost (based on trainer's availability) 


Note: All Plans are NON Refundable

4 week Program 

Meal Plan Options 


Meal Plan ONLY


  • Initial Consultation to discuss goals

  • Personalized Meal Planning & Grocery List Personalized To Your Goals. 

Note: All Plans are NON Refundable

Payment for Meal Plan ONLY




Customized Meal Planning &

Juice Plus Whole Food Nutrition  

Juice Plus Pricing:

  • $50.00* (4-month subscription)

  • $200.00* (1-time purchase No subscription) 


Ready to take your health to a whole new healthy & amazing level? Well, this plan is for you! Plan includes:

  • Customized Meal Plan Created Based on "Your" body &  JP capsules provide added nutrition from 20 different fruits and vegetables, to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat, every day


Note: Meal Plan & Juice Plus are 2 separate purchases choose boxes below to purchase.

**Meal Plan is discounted to $62.50 w/Juice Plus proof of purchase must email within 7 days with JP payment receipt to receive discount 

6 Week



Coming Soon 

Mind/Body Equation (MBE) Program


  • 6 weeks of online Nutrition & Health coaching with Bi- weekly Life coaching sessions (Client may purchase additional life coaching sessions directly w/DHW's Partnered Life coach).

  • Initial Consultation to discuss goals

  • Customized Nutrition & Health Coaching plan

  • Weekly Coaching/Accountability Calls to keep you motivated.

  • Bi weekly Checks & weigh in's, follow up.

  • Monthly Plan adjustments or made as needed

  • Unlimited Access to DHW Coaches via DHW App and Access to DHW's Private FB Accountability group.


Note: All Plans are NON Refundable

6 week plan - NO Exceptions

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