Want to share some feedback on a new scale I tried out and LOVED.. 
🔸Eat Smart Products Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology
This scale does a little bit of everything... Not only does it measure weight but it measures bodyfat,...

Healthy is defined as one who is in good health. Absolutely yes, a person can be overweight and be healthy.  Healthy does not mean skinny, in-fact there are many unhealthy skinny people. Healthy can come in all shapes , sizes and weights. Unhealthy people generally hav...

My Life Lessons

As I become a year older I finally realize that I am becoming more self aware and my eyes are finally open.
Now at 42, I have found my voice that allowed me to realize the following:

  • Who I really am,

  • What I want in life,

  • What I will and will...

Today we are sharing a list of 7 Awesome Zero Calorie food you can have as much as you want of to loose weight!! 

We understand eating healthy can be a chore and a major change to your current eating habits! People often tell us when changing their diet I don't want to...

Exercise has truly been my outlet!

When I was younger I struggled for many years with depression, bouts of sadness and unhappiness. When I found fitness at 37 years old it was the outlet I needed and no-one could keep me away from the gym. I still to this day look forw...

We all see gluten free products every time we go grocery shopping! Gluten Free products are EVERYWHERE but do you know what gluten is and if eating gluten free is really for you?

Let discuss this interesting topic! Gluten actually refers to the peptide fractions of prot...

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