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Gains in Bulk sources top quality supplement ingredients proven to create gains in strength, leanness, and overall performance. While keeping prices low is a major mission for Gains in Bulk, their mission is to ensure they sell only the best, most powerful ingredients. In an industry inundated with cheap, poorly-absorbed supplements it has become GIB's driving passion to supply ONLY scientifically verified and proven, pure products. 

Not only that, we at DHW use and trust these products!

GIB's products are second to no one in any industry, in any part of the world!

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Square 1


Square 1 uses whole food vitamins and patented organic minerals to guarantee your hard work creates the most results to precisely meet each genders needs to increase overall health and speed up results.

  • Maximize Natural Energy Levels

  • Eliminate Vitamin Deficiencies

  • Improve Macronutrient Uptake

  • Improve Immune System


Athlete Digestive Formula 

ADF contains a full lineup of digestive enzymes with patented probiotics and organic minerals that have been proven to assist in the breakdown of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins in an athlete's diet. These nutrients are shown to help you get the most out of your nutrients, creating greater gains while dramatically reducing bloating and indigestion issues.


Clear Cut CLA

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Clear Cut CLA is a high potency, plant-based CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).  Research shows CLA reduces body fat percentage if taken consistently.

Clear Cut CLA is proven to decrease up to 4% body fat if 4 grams is full dosage are taken consistently for 12 straight weeks. 


Liv Clean

Liver Kidney Support 

If your fat loss or muscle gains are not coming as fast as they should, a toxin-filled liver and kidney might be to blame. Over 600 functions including fat metabolism and protein synthesis are affected. Prescriptions, alcohol, stress and heavily processed foods stress these organs. Cleansing can jump start your gains again. Liv Clean supplies the essential nutrients, herbs, minerals, and enzymes that are proven to support optimal liver and kidney function. The liver and kidneys act as the body's filtration system, helping rid the body of these toxins. This formula is a must for the athlete to ensure their body is working efficiently; burning fats, supplying energy to the muscles, and staying anabolic.



Protects Muscle 

L-Glutamine is proven to be the most abundant amino acid in the body,  the one most used during the stress of life or sports, and the most important amino acid to help promote muscle synthesis and intestinal pH balance. It is research proven to help get rid of acid buildup, keeping the body anabolic after stressing muscles.

  • Stimulates the secretion of additional growth hormone.

  • Counteracts the negative nitrogen balance keeping the body anabolic after exercise.

  • Preserves the muscle glutamine pool, and improves overall nitrogen economy during conditions of stress (life, disease or exercise).

  • Protects the body against acidosis.

  • Is a major metabolic fuel for the small intestine

  • Preserves intestinal integrity and enhances mucosal cellularity and function

  • Is a supply of precursors and nitrogenous end products for the synthesis of amino acids



Instantized Powder

Packed with the three essential amino acids that are research proven to help build and maintain muscle, instantized BCAA’s are the most soluble and absorbed form available. The key to BCAA supplementation is quick and full delivery to muscle cells. Plant-based (certified vegan) instantized forms of L-Leuice, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine in a 2:1:1 ratio. It does not contain GMOs, fillers, flavoring, or sweeteners that will inhibit absorption and results.

  1.  Hormonal  –  Researchers found that when combined with resistance training, BCAA supplementation increased testosterone and reduced cortisol to create a favorable anabolic environment.

  2. Muscle Energy 

  3. Burn Fat and Grow Muscle 

  4. Pain & Soreness Reduction – DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness which is a result of muscle inflammation.  BCAA’s in research decreased the muscle damage induced by high-intensity training.

  5. Recovery – Taking BCAA’s before, during and after training have been shown to enhance the repair and growth of muscle.


Instantized Creatine

Instantized Creatine is certified vegan and is proven to be the fastest dissolving and highest absorbed Creatine on the market. It is research proven to assist in muscle recovery and building stronger muscle faster.


GIB Athlete Bag

Monthly Supplement Auto-Ship Program

The GIB Athlete Bag is a monthly auto-ship program that gives you 5 PRODUCTS for only $66.00. That is only $13.20 per product! This pricing is far below any other company because we are the manufacturer and we don’t sell to other stores, cutting out the middleman. We sell directly to you at wholesale pricing.

Learn about the products and then pick the 5 you need to help you get more gains. Then, proceed to check out.

5 days before your GIB Athlete Bag is shipped each month, you will receive an email reminding you to change the 5 products if you wish. You can change what 5 products you get every month so that you can try different products and work to dial in exactly what you need. You can even skip a month and cancel at anytime.

n.o.-chews-750cc-4web-rfu (1).jpg

N.O. Chews

Pre workout chews

GIB has combined their popular selling Crea-Nitric 100 with whole food caffeine for a vein popping, muscle building, energy producing, unique pre-workout CHEWABLE!

The ingredients in N.O. Chews are proven to provide increased blood circulation and vascularity along with energized focus. The quickest way to skyrocket Nitric Oxide is through nitrates and the most researched nutrient for muscle gains is creatine.


Combine the two with 30mg of natural caffeine and 35 antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and you get N.O. Chews! Why settle for an unhealthy pre-workout when you can get mind-blowing pumps, insane vascularity and still improve your health?

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